Your Clan

Command 8 different warrior types.
Mix and match to build the deadliest
clan on the battlefield. Each has their own
strength and fighting style.


In the beginning there was only the Darkness, and the Darkness eventually came to know itself. And in knowing itself, it understood that it was alone; so it created the Essences. The Darkness imbued them with unimaginable power, and let them play. Play they did, in the only way they knew how; They created, and the Darkness delighted. Swirls of light, time, energy and sound emanated from the essences; primal forces burst forth from their will.

As the eons passed, the Essences grew slower and more ponderous. They had created so much, but they too were alone. They conferred with each other, and in secret they created the Titans, knowing that the darkness would be jealous that their affections were split. When the darkness realized what they had done, she was not angry, nor jealous, but concerned. The Essences had never created life before, and the Darkness knew well that it was a dangerous endeavor, for in her heart she knew that the created do not always do what’s expected.

For a time, all was good, the darkness watched the essences as they mingled with their creation. But as time passed, the Titans understood that they too were alone, unique in the cosmos. They knew everything there was to know, and grew impatient. They conferred with each other, and in secret they attempted to create life. The Essences found out, and tried to stop them. They do not know what they were doing, the essences thought, but the young do not always do what’s expected.

The Essences grew jealous, and discord swelled. They tried to restrain their creation, but the Titans were stubborn. The contest of wills gave way to conflict, and the Essences tried to erase their creation. The Titans fought back, and for millennia the battle raged across the young cosmos. The Darkness suffered as vast swaths of emptiness opened and caused great agony.

The Titans used their might to destroy the Essence Zaphiquess by forcing her into the cracks their battles had opened.

The other Essences sensed the loss of their sister, and were enraged. With all their power they converged on the Titans, and the Apocalypse was set in motion. Mindless gods of fury rent the universe apart and laid low the Titans for all time. And when the final slaughter was done, The Essences withdrew to heal the damage their ignorance had caused the Darkness.

The Titans bodies lay strewn about the cosmos, and their blood saturated the ether. As eons passed their ruined forms congealed into the Prime. Their bodies are the earth, and their blood is the oceans. The cosmos are still young, and though the Titans are defeated and the Essences withdrawn, the symmetry of eternity is unbalanced, and a reckoning must abide.